Introducing the blurring work when drawing a picture.



Hello everyone! How are you?
I am fine! 😊
This time, I would like to introduce the "blurring work" that I do when drawing a picture.

Reliable function! Gaussian blur

The background is almost always Gaussian blurred.
The reason why I do Gaussian blur is to have my rough background changed to a good background.

Also, unlike other "blurring", it is recommended because you can set the degree of blurring in detail by yourself.

Before Gaussian blur

After performing Gaussian blur.
How about that? The roughness of my background has been softened 😊

Blur brush for small areas

Have you ever seen this icon?

Blur the outline of a person with the blur brush in this tool.
By doing so, the person can be seen three-dimensionally, so I often use it.

Versatile function! Selection

I often enclose the areas where the darkness is not enough with a "selection range" and perform tone curves and so on.
Yes? Doesn't it have anything to do with blurring?
That has something to do with the "Gaussian blur" I mentioned earlier! You can blur only a part of it with "Selection" 😊

Before Gaussian blur

After performing Gaussian blur.

Only the part surrounded by the selection is blurred, isn't it?

If there is a "white square" in the functional layer ,.

I can't do it with Gaussian blur,
"Tone curve", "level correction", "color balance", etc.
A white square will appear as shown in the image above. The function displayed in this way is
In fact, you can erase the expression of the function with the "eraser".

It is also possible to soften the expression of the function by erasing it with a soft eraser.

And finally Gaussian blur

After completing the painting, there is always work to be done.

Put the new layer on top, choose white,
Spray the whole with the "tone shaving" of the spray tool.

Then, perform Gaussian blur, and whether or not the grain can be confirmed,
Reduce the "opacity" to ambiguous numbers.

By doing so, the particles, like the images in a real photo? Can be expressed
I often do this work because I think it will be closer to reality.

There is also a video

I also prepared a video.
Please take a look.

* When viewing, be sure to set "Automatic translation" to your native language.

Thank you for watching until the end
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