How to draw a Chinese dragon


In Chinese culture, the dragon is a mythological figure strongly related to water, it is a kind of chimera, it is the fusion of several animals, lobster eyes, deer horns, lion's mane, snake body, etc., it is the personification of the yang concept (masculine) Also propitiator of the rains.
In this short tutorial we will learn how to draw a Chinese dragon.

1. The sketch; We make some quick lines that define our dragon, in this case it is very similar to a snake, we will do it fluently without worrying about details, it will only be a quick point

2. We will define the volume using geometric figures, it is convenient to map them to get an idea of the three-dimensionality of the model

Finally, all the necessary details are added, elements of nature can be used as inspiration, such as different types of animals, inking and lighting should be done calmly as they can be the difference in the drawing



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