How to Draw a Dragon: Step by Step Different dragon types


How to Draw a Dragon: Step by Step - Different types of dragons ..for illustrations - card games

Dragon are hard but fun to draw this video we will learn
-dragon types

dragons comes in many shapes

what you need think of first before anything else is exaggerating

like it's a dino or a gecko but with longer or wider proportions

before you start drawing you must have three notes
1- get your reference ready
2-drawing is the connection between the mind , the eyes , the nerves , the muscles , the arm and the hand
3-build your own bank of studies from normal creatures - animals ( draw gesture - for every day to get better at drawing )

cause drawing and drawing comics or manga are total different skills

here are some quick tips :

-start with the head
-use real poses to build your creatures on
-build shapes ..sketching lines or silhouettes

give names to the designs you are creating will make your job easier

learn to build a right shape & form before you add details do this you need to think over those tips :-
-use simple shapes to build your designs
-combine those shapes with s or c or v curves ..making it connected
-use few lines abandon unwanted details
-ask your self those question ( why/how/where are you adding these details)
-make exaggerations to make things cooler
-give attention while drawing the eyes / whole head form

learn playing doodling & playing with silhouettes

many thanks for reading & watching my tutorial ..please feel free to reach me & ask my about any thing you you would like to know



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