How to draw a dragon fight scene


1. Refer to the characteristics and structure of the dragon body

2. The different facial features and angles of the dragon

3. The movement and posture of the dragon

4. Dragon sparring scene (draft draft)

I choose the ice dragon and the black dragon to play the role in the sparring scene

1. Ice Dragon
Refer to the iceberg structure and crystals to create the ice dragon body. The main color of the dragon body is white and blue to create an ice-cold effect.

First, draw the draft of the dragon fight scene.

Use gray as the base color, and then use white as the base for the ice faucet, and then use light pink blue and emerald green to make the ice color. The outer edge of the dark blue hook is dyed with color mixing to make the dark blue line dye, creating the three-dimensional effect of the ice diamond layer of the ice faucet.

Use a white hook on the periphery, and then use a spray gun to add snowflakes on the periphery to create a smoke effect with dry ice.

The eyes are clear with crimson red.

The teeth are white and blue, and then use a spray gun to blow the ice smoke effect.

The chest of the ice dragon is purple, and white scales are added.

The drawing method of the ice dragon hand is the same as the ice dragon head, with some white scales and ice needles added to the dragon hand and chest.

2. Black Devil Dragon
Refer to the structure of the Dark Queen and the volcano, the main dragon body color is black, purple blue, and emerald green to create a dark effect.

The black magic dragon head is painted with purple and blue, then red and a lot of black. The outer edge of the light blue hook is dyed with color mixing to make the light blue line dyed, and then yellow pattern is added, and then black color color mixing (fingertips) is used on the outer side of the hook to create uneven effects and create a dark evil effect.

The eyes are clear with cyan.

The teeth are brown and white, and then yellow and green light is added to the mouth to make a fire light.

The main color of the dragon's body is purple-blue and black. A large number of large scales on the abdomen are added with emerald green, and white nerve lines and red lines are added.
Then use black and color mixing (fingertips) hooks to make the outside feel rough.

The back of the black devil dragon's wings are made of red and a lot of black for the igneous effect, and the wings are used for the illusion effect.

Finally, the background adds the shadow of the iceberg and the volcanic rock that the black dragon appears, and snow and wind blowing snow. Finish!



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