Making realistic mouths, lips and teeth in Clip Studio Paint


Hello everyone! Today I will show you how do I draw and paint mouth, lips and teeth in Clip Studio Paint. I will draw a character portrait to begin, and on its example you will see reccomended brushes and the whole process. Thanks to CSP those are the most realistic lips I have ever drawn. I am very satisfied. I hope that you will also find it helpful for yourself.
More details are in the video below.

I have decided to draw a black person today to try out something new (notice: It is not a real person from real life).
Before I start a portrait, here are some lips positions and styles that i made.

The whole process is described in a YouTube video.
Everything in the video and every image in this tips is my art.

List of brushes I used in total:
- Real pencil
- Design pencil
- Mechanical pencil
- Dot pen
- Darker bleed
- Dense watercolour
- Transparent watercolour
- Watercolor brush

Hope you liked it <3
See you next time in some new tips!



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