Teputzopilli - Design combat character- Prehispanic Warrior





What divides an ordinary drawing from an illustration is composition.

The human eye normally reads from left to right; Both texts and images, when we offer him a vertical image, that visual journey stops and he is forced to do it from top to bottom. Do we want him to read a peaceful image? Or perhaps make you stop to contemplate the importance of the elements?

The image has the ability to tell a story through its elements, it is not just about putting a cute or charismatic character at the center of it, elements such as the pose, the ornaments and the background can tell us more about their personality, their life story.

What do we want to represent? A strong warrior, a princess, a scholar. The shape of his clothes will tell us his trade.

I have chosen a pre-Hispanic warrior. The faces in the native peoples are usually angular, they consist of the prominence of the cheekbones and these hooked noses, the eyes are usually small and slanted and we must not forget the tan skin tones similar to chocolate.

How about I make use of the rule of thirds?

This rule tells us that to achieve a more attractive image we must position the focal point of the image either in the middle of the central third or that an element is right at one of these intersections.

I decided to use the dutch angle for my illustration since it causes this instability effect, it is very useful when making dynamic images that forces the eye to see the whole image and not quickly discard it as it happens with flat compositions.

In the same way I made use of foreshortening, bringing one hand closer to the viewer and moving the other away as it causes visual tension, not only in the body of the character that is forced, but in the viewer's view.

The spear or Teputzopilli is a little known element, its bearer must be someone agile and of great physical strength to contain the onslaught of war animals. Although the warriors really wore clothes and even armor that covered their bodies as in the European medieval era, it looks more heroic to see him fight almost naked with only some beads that cover his shoulders and back, in this case I wanted to make a simile with bird feathers .

Time elapse.

Full piece.

Thanks for Watching ^_^ <3



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