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Welcome my name is Maricielo and I'm a person who loves drawing and CSP. I have plenty of knowledge about eyes and their construction, so I'm going to explain to you how I create eyes in Manga Style with, a simplified construction of the eye using simple figures, also I'll teach what the figures represent to us with psychological meaning.

The eyes are important to describe and establish the creation of the character. Is important not only the shape but also the pupils, iris, the size, even the shine, and coloring.

I'm going to designing this simple character, where, she doesn't have any type of expression, just neutral because I want to show how just the eyes can make you feel what kind of character is based in her type of eyes.


Let's start with the representation of the simple figures:

●: the circle symbolizes soft, cute, and innocence. Also, it represents unity, just like the round table in King's Arthur myth.

▲: Triangles are associated with arrows, which indicate a direction and movement. I associated sharp things, like swords, for example, there are also other meanings, like harmony and hierarchy, normal triangle like this means stability, but the inverse one means instability or even risk.

■: Square or can be a rectangle, represents stability and strength, just like male muscles. You can also associate with trust and equality.

Feel free to remember a character that can be identified with these words (that could represent a figure), try to remember it. And this also works the create your character.


Let's start with the simplest eyes. If you're a beginner, then I'll show you the tool: Ruler.

Ruler is a fast and precise tool where you can trace irregularity in a line, and thanks to the ruler the final line will be perfect. There are many types of rulers in CSP, but I'm going to explain to you 3 of them:
1.- Special Ruler: This one create perfect figures, and the important one to this tutorial: The concentric circle. With this, you can draw perfectly the Iris, even the pupil. The best part of this Ruler is that you can create circles around the central axis (that + on the circle's center). When you keep pressing Ctrl, you can transform the circle to make it more oval, and change the line.
2.- Figure ruler: This just create a figure, then, where I trace will only follow the line by the ruler. I cannot modify what I trace on the ruler.
3.- Linear Ruler: As you can see, you can trace a perfect curve line, and draw on it, but, it will only follow the line traced.

To draw a simple eye, draw a simple oval. You're free to draw it imperfectly. Then draw on top dashed lines, this guarantees that the pupil will be in the right place, where you want it. Draw the eyelids, iris, and pupil. I insist if you are a beginner using the program (CSP) I recommend that you use Rulers while you are getting used to the program and the tablet, If not, just draw!.

Now, the form to the eyes that I showed before. This is in anime Style.

Take a look to this simple types of eyes:

As you can see, there is the basic type of eyes. You can really say ''oh, so this is kind of common'' or ''I saw it in so many characters'', yes, it is the point of this part of the tutorial. First, look at the simple structure of the eyes, In the upcoming part, you'll see more types of eyes and in coloring, you can have more freedom. If you're a beginner, then, meet most typical eyes in anime or manga.

【How do I draw this clean lineart?】
↳ Well, Use 𝐯𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐋𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫. With this Layer, you can work your lines as vectors; move points, redraw on them, increase their size without pixelating, etc. Try to draw ONE line, then you can control the points and configure it, the same with Iris' line andpupil dot.

Process to draw eyes in a character

Ok, Let's Start. This is the simple character that you saw on the cover page:
【How do I make sure that I draw eyes properly?】
↳ First, practice. Is not easy to draw a 3/4 face, or faces, or even draw hahaha. You need to practice to really know that you learn something (not only in art stuff, this applies in any type of learning stuff).
↳ Second, use a facial structure like this. This can make the difference to make eyes proportional with the 3/4 perspective. You could search for this kind of structure on the internet to learn more about drawing faces. And again, practice.

On the eyes' space:
2) Draw the figure to the eye type you want to draw. Don't forget the dashed lines to make the pupil.
3) Draw a simple curve line to simulate the eyelashes. Draw a Circunferece and inside of it, a concentric circle. You could draw light in the eye.
4) Look carefully at how the eyelashes don't have only one direction, instead, eyelashes could be drawn in multiple directions, just in the image. You can also use the mirror funtion to make sure that you are drawing correctly.
5) Make the final lineart using a vector layer. Look how the different figures create different types of eyes and different types of sensations in the character. Be careful, because you could mistake in proportions, you can correct it here.

✻Now I question you: What kind of personality this character has in all the cases?, What vibe have to you?. Remember that she has no expression.

More Types and Coloring

Here are the freedom that you're probably searching for. Let's expand from basic theory to the practice:

Down, we have steps to draw an eye, simplified. There's not an order to draw an eye, but I do it in this way [Egyptian type]:
1) Eyelashes, these are my ''frame'' that limits the Iris and pupil.
2) Iris and pupil. I draw the light on the eye.
3) Color and shadow. This is a simplified form to coloring, where you can be free to innovate.
4) Add other elements of the eye, such as the eyelids.

About [Triangular Shape], is the same steps. For eyelashes, I decided to make it triangles, I personally like this, because is like a punk style. Notice that I draw the lacrimal and colored with aqua green part of the iris, commonly here goes light colors of the iris.
a) I used a downloaded material, where is a very ''softbrush'', specifically, "Coo Pen", below, you have the link to the downloaded material to check it. I made light on the Iris and also, in eyelash.
b) I used the default tool ''Mapping Pen'', for this I have to use a different color to make a solid light in the Iris. For the eyelashes, draw thin lines, one up other, as if you were doing a dither (Grid of points, lines or shading).

As you can see, the iris not necessarily must have a color, it could be [Black], but, for me, is better if it has an extra shine.

An important part of developing a style on the eyes is [Experimentation]. These eyes are an exaggeration of what you could do: Copy-Paste the eye and use default tools, downloaded ones and use it on it, a combination of them could be the answer to what you are searching for.

For the Last, ✻a remainder that you can use Gradient Map (MG) and test it, also change directly the tone✻. I am going to show you first, Coloring, where you are going to Make it personal:

- Detailed eyelashes. For this, I used ''Mapping Pen'', yes, I love this default tool. Follow the draw. Use Black until the orange ones, there, use a darker color of your iris palette, near of black, and for cream, a lighter color, near from the darker one. What much dark o light color have to apply, you are going to decide that.
- Coloring the iris is the best part for me. In the third step, I used again the ''soft brush''. Imitate that if needed. Notice the color selection and how it varies in Hue (H) [dark blue, and light blue is in cyan one], Saturation (S) [you can see it as a percent of greyish tones] and Value (V) [percent of blackish tones].

The second eye here isn't much to explain, just put the color on the iris, following the color selection that I showed you before (in blue eye).

The third eye is a bit more complex. Notice again the color selection and how it varies in Hue (H), Saturation (S) and Value (V). The light/shining tones just by increasing Value (move it to the right), we can obtain the light color, but if needed more whiteish, the decrese Saturation (move it to left).

-You can use the G Pen or other type of pen, then for the dark tone draw a semicircle in the top, then in the sides draw with the color an arc, where in the middle will be more thin in comparison. You can use the defaults tools ''Finger Tip'' or Hard Spay.
-Repeat the last one to the darker tone. Don't go too much for the middle.
-For the light tones, use the Hard Spray but decrease the size of it. Follow the lines of the previous step, where the middle have more shine to the iris.
-Repeat the last one with a lighter tone, even you can use a hard brush, like G Pen or Mapping Pen.

Try to imitate it.

Now the explication of the reminder ✻that you can use Gradient Map (MG) and test it, also change directly the tone✻.

1.- |Select|➝|select by color range|. You're going to see this screen, and use the option with a Drop+. Color margin error, means that bigger number, more tone you're going to select, smaller number, more specific would be the selection. Start Selecting the color of the eyes, this will guarantee that all the colors selected will change.

2.- you can go up and |Layer|➝|New correction Layer| ➝ |tone/saturation/brightness| ...

... or Right click on the layer, |Layer|➝|New correction Layer| ➝ |tone/saturation/brightness|.

Works in the same way to Gradient Map. |Gradient map| Instead |tone/saturation/brightness|.

In both cases you're going to have this:

The gradient maps that you have created or downloaded would help you to have more colors on the iris.

Thanks and About the artist

In this tutorial, we learn about The construction of the eyes and how you can develop a style to draw eyes.

Remember to see a lot of content, such as anime or even humans, detail every part of the eyes, and on the web, you can search for more types of eyes. Also that this a Basic Tutorial, so, you can change the size of the pupil, iris, shine, and eyes as you like!.

Here´s the video that support the written information:

Thank you for reading, I hope this article helped you. Have a nice day!

My name is Maricielo and I love to draw since I was little ♡. I'm not studying an art career, but I'm still in love with this world. I would like to make my own comic and get fun creating it, but it'll be later.

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