Petty mode of painting profile icon



Welcome guys ones again to [DO] art by your truely Daniel.As I normally do say [Difference is an originality]
Let get to know the more about this illustration
By have a little

Side lesson★
what is a profile icon?!!
A profile icon★ is an image of the person or thing widely admired especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sphere like a civil rights icon,an actor and fashion icon.
and also a profile image that represents an application, a capability, or some other concept or specific entity with meaning for the user.

Now back to the process of creation process

The sketch work of the image I find significant

Firstly,for me I one of my fashionable musician is Rihanna...I do admirer her and love most of her songs.
So on that account I will be doing a drawing of her portrait
This one below,

Using [clipstudio paint] on a smartphone,I create a convas size [772 x 876pixel] with a resolution [72] and create a transparent layer with a white paper,on the transparent layer I then do the rough sketch of the image
As it you can see below

The lineart of the rough sketch

When I have finish the rough sketch,I create a new layer do the line art of the image

Lately,the painting of the image

I made use of the following set
[For the adding of the flat base color]
[For the adding of shading]
[For the adding of warm blue light reflection on the cloth]
[For the adding of warm red to the face]

Below is the painting process

Here is the finish work


This image size is suitable to be use as a profile icon.
Also here are some rendering of the image I think is

Vivid setting

Glow setting

Thanks yeah all for your time....byeee




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