Original character creation process


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Summary of the tutorial.

1 - The sketch

Create your first layer and draw.
It is best to take a pencil with a thin lead and draw in transparency level.
So start with an overall shape and then add details layer by layer and erase as needed.

2 - Filling

Create a second layer and put it below your first layer where the sketch is.
Take a thick brush in order to fill in the silhouette of the character.

(In the photo, the layer containing the sketch is in red on the left of the screen.)

You can fill the background by creating a layer below all the other layers.

The last step of the filling will consist of filling the elements inside the character in order to facilitate the coloring.
Create a clipping layer on top of the layer containing the silhouette of the character and fill in the elements which will have different colors.

You can always add more clipping layers as needed.

3 - Color

Lock your fill layers and fill your character with the desired color.
You can use the selection tool such as the lasso to make your task easier.

You can also color the background.

Add shades to it.
Put color gradients, shadows and lights or even texture to embellish your illustration.

(You can use blend layers such as Overlay, Multiply and even
Color Density - for your convenience.)

4 - Painting

Create a layer on top of your sketch layer and paint over it to gradually erase your sketch.

(You can also erase the sketch on its own layer but create a mask on it instead so as not to lose the sketch itself. If you ever make a mistake your sketch will be kept in its original state. )

5 - Finalisation

Refine your drawing.
Put in some adjustment layers and experiment.
Check if there are no problems with the colors or the texture, for example.
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