3 STEPS for HOLO and METALLIC fabric



Hello, I'm Mieu!
I want to show you a simple and quick way to achieve the look of Hologram and Metallic/Silk looking fabric!

Step 1: Shade your fabric with AIRBRUSH

To achieve the best result, use SOFT AIRBRUSH to shade your fabric.
This will give you a lot of room for varieties of shades for holo when we apply the magic trick!

You can color your clothes however you want, the colors won't matter when we apply the Gradient Map later. I used Black and White to show you the effectiveness.

Step 2: Use TONE CURVE

Go to Edit> Tonal Correction > Tone Curve

Here is where things get wild

Set your curves wildly like this, you can make adjustments if you like to achieve the best-looking result!


Now is the coloring part, you can either use COLOR BALANCE or GRADIENT MAP to color your shade. There are also many ways to recolor the shades like using Overlay, Soft Light, Color layer effects.

For this tutorial, we will use Gradient Map!

Edit > Tonal Correction > Gradient Map

I used the Gradient map Hologram by westdogalcohol , but you can edit and fix it however you like to achieve the colors you want.

And now you got your hologram fabric!

Step 4: Editing and Finalizing

You can add details, more shading and use BLUR or BLEND tool to make the colors of fabric look more realistic.

With this method, you can also use Gradient Map to get the metallic/silkie looking fabric.

Easy and quick, right?
It took a few experiments to get the look you like, but that's what art is about! I hope this tip will help! Thank you for reading!



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