Simplest Process To Animate From Scratch


[For Beginners] - Animating & Painting A Background For Animation

This is one of the Simplest Process To Animate From Scratch.

This is my self created fun walk, which i recorded myself doing some weird walk cycles, which made my work so effortless. usually it takes so much corrections in timing and all but i didn't need to do much in this case. i had fun making this video.

Process is explained Step Wise in the youtube Video....

Clip Studio Paint is really so handy and comfy to use, and i hope you guys also enjoy using clip studio paint as much as i do..

Step 1 - Shoot a Reference Video

Shoot a reference video - this is for the animation actions which you want to make, it’s not necessary to do any preparations just do the actions and shoot it.

Step 2 - Draw keyframes : Gesture

Now start playing your reference video, frame by frame, and draw the gesture of your keyframes, while studying the movement from your reference.

Step 3 - Draw In-Between

Once the keyframes gesture is done, then start filling the in-betweens and make it smooth, you may delete Any frame which is not necessary.
Until you are satisfied with your first animation test or gesture animation test.

Step 4 - Do Animation Test & Correct your Timing

Adjust your frames according to your timing chart Until you are satisfied with your first animation test. Even if you don't have the timing chart, you can still adjust it until you are satisfied as i have done it... But it is best to use guide if you have ease in or any complicated motion with specific duration.

Step 5 - Draw the character over your stick figure

Now Put your Character Reference beside your canvas, and draw over your stick figure animation according to your reference.

Step 6 - Anatomical correction

Once it is done, do the anatomical correction for all the poses.

Step 7 - Fill colors

If your final animation test is good to go then just fill the colors.

I filled the color and everything in a single animation cel layer. As shown in the picture below.

Step 8 - Follow through Animation

In my case, shadow was necessary to animate along with the character, so i copied the entire animation folder and transformed it as a shadow filled with solid color.

Background Painting

Online photographs

if you have any brief or idea for the background then find similar photography images on the internet.

pick the elements which is creating a good composition or layout of your canvas, And start doing matte painting on it. This is another topic, so i 'll leave it at that

I painted this background 8n 6-7 layers as shown in the gif.

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