The option to Export to WEBTOON has been added to the Clip Studio menu.
You can now share your series made on Clip Studio Paint to WEBTOON CANVAS with even more ease!

Export to WEBTOON can be used on Windows, macOS, iPad, and Android tablets. This feature is not available on Chromebook or smartphone devices.

Your story starts on CANVAS, WEBTOON’s self-publishing platform, where creators manage everything related to their series. Posting on CANVAS means that you, as a creator, have all control over all aspects of your story and can use the platform to build a unique audience thanks to the thousands of readers that visit the platform daily. The platform offers you the tools to grow your audience and make money doing what you love. Make Comics, Reach Millions.

1. Preparing your project

Draw what you want to upload onto WEBTOON CANVAS in Clip Studio Paint. Get inspiration about how to draw for the scrolling comic format with our official Tips article, “Getting Started on WEBTOON CANVAS,” and the WEBTOON CANVAS starter guide, “Creators 101.”

■ Getting Started on WEBTOON CANVAS

■ Creators 101

We also have more information on tools to help you master the format in our official Tips article below.

2. Getting from Clip Studio to WEBTOON CANVAS

Start Clip Studio and then 1) Export to WEBTOON > 2) Tap About WEBTOON.

A browser will open to the WEBTOON site.
Tap on the Publish button in the upper right corner to go to the login window where you can either sign up or login.

iPad and Android tablet users might not see the Publish button on the upper right side or may be prompted to install the WEBTOON app. If you encounter this, try requesting the desktop website on your browser of choice.

3. Starting your series on WEBTOON CANVAS

Once you log in you will see the Series setting screen. You will need to choose your series’ genre, title, summary, square thumbnail (1080 x 1080 px/ under 500KB), and vertical thumbnail (1080 x 1920 px/ under 700KB), and then tap the Create Series button.

If you already have a series you can choose to upload to it from the Dashboard.

4.Uploading an episode

Select or create your series to get to the episode settings window.
Tap Upload from Clip Studio Paint.

Clip Studio will open, or your browser will ask for confirmation to launch the app. Tap Open Clip Studio to launch the app.

If you do not have Clip Studio Paint on your device, click on the green button to install it.

Once Clip Studio has launched, the work selection screen will appear. Check the project(s) that you want to upload.

Selecting your project will launch Clip Studio Paint, which will automatically export your image to WEBTOON.

Once Clip Studio Paint has finished exporting the image, it will be automatically uploaded from Clip Studio.

When Clip Studio has finished uploading the project, go back to the browser and check the episode settings screen. The uploaded image will be optimized to meet all the WEBTOON CANVAS image guidelines.

Fill in everything you need for your episode and then tap the Publish Episode button on the bottom of the page to post.



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