Tracing template in A4 format for comics and manga


Hello, I am posting a new layer template in A4 format with the procedures to import the layer: Click on file - New - Project: (Show all comic settings) Preset(S): Custom - Unit: cm -Check the boxes following: - Paper Color (White), Template (T), Comic Sheet Settings - Binding Size (Final): A4 Size Width(w) 21.00, Height: 29.70 and Bleed Width: 1.00. - Default border size (inside) Head:1.00, Foot(B):1.00, Inside: 1.00, Outside(M): 1.00. Check Safety Lines(M) Top: 0.03, Bottom: 0.03, Inside: 0.03, Outside (M): 0.03. Check the Save Time-Lapse box. Click OK. Click on display(V) in window find Grid/Ruler Bar Parameters(N) on it enter the following parameters: -Point of origin of the grid/ruler bar check the Center circle (for info the unit measurement is displayed in cm the rest) -Grid Parameter Deviation(D): 0.05 cm and Number of divisions: 2. Click on OK. Click again on View(V) in the dialog find [Grid] and click on it. To import the layer search either in Material [Dwnload] or a folder check the box next to the layer if opted for this function it will be displayed at the bottom with the following data: Layer 1 Type: Layer - User tag - Default tag : Ruler and Frame box. Click on the layer and drag it onto the grid sheet. The layer may not be displayed correctly during the resize, in this case stopped by clicking on Ok. Click on the Layer tab (between Animation and Selection area) look at the very bottom in the [Layer order ] a small window will open and click on Bring to Front(T) the box closes. Click on Scale and rotation and resize the layer with the resize squares and center it on the grid sheet using the Zero at the top and the Zero at the left and then click on ok. Save as example layer template in a folder for layer templates. Attention rename each time the model when it is opened renames the layer under another name example BD1 and you make a continuation for example. To print the model, go to the file tab, look for print settings - Preview, check the Preview of the rendered result box before printing. Print Settings Print Size Scale to Paper Next Output Image: Check the boxes for Text, Crop Line, Artwork Information Safety Lines(F) Default Border(Y) Pagination (U). Print color RGB color, Enlarge/reduce processing check for BD, Rasterize(A) Prefer quality. Click on OK return to file search for Print the printer window opens, click on ok a preview of the layer to be printed opens click OK or cancel. I'll post some settings I was able to screenshot on my Tips, it's listed below. I wish you a good day.



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