When I made a mistake in manga manuscript size



It is the last resort when setting the size of the manuscript manuscript paper incorrectly and getting started and saying "It has progressed to a certain extent!" In shrinkage, the line becomes thinner and the nuance may change, and expansion is more likely to cause jaggies. If you make a mistake in size you will finish it the most beautifully.

But you know. Still. After all it is human beings Because there are times when we have to do the first thing, it is explanation of the procedure for such time. For such a time.
Author Note) December 12, 2018. I changed the contents because I noticed that the expansion and contraction using template material seemed to be few accidents.

① Open the original canvas (that is, who made the wrong size). All layer templates are registered irrespective of selection status / display status.

② Execute the menu [Edit] → Create material → Template

③ Register the template material in an easily understandable folder.

④ Create a new manuscript with a different size and paste the registered template material from the material palette. Even if it is called a template material, it is OK as it is pasted just like ordinary image material ('▽ `)

⑤ It was affixed to the manuscript of the new size. It may be slightly different, such as the aspect ratio of the basic frame, but there is no more any more than this, so do not give up or try hard (laugh).

Oh, and in this way the number of tone lines does not change. Please keep in mind that 60 wires do not change to 70 wires even if they are reduced.

Although this TIPS has changed the actual size of the manuscript, there are also hands to change the size when exporting the image file by menu [File] → [Export and merge images]. Although it is better to set the [Tone Line Count] setting to [Follow Layer Setting] in [Export Settings] → [Color Advanced Settings].

I made a mistake in size! Take a deep breath, first check the current state, let's choose the best way to pick the best.


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