How to draw faces from different angles.





If you want to become better at drawing faces there are 2 important skills you need to improve.
1) Foreshortening

2) Drawing objects thinking in 3D space (Or at least knowing how the objects interact in a 3D space. Especially the basic ones)

In this video I'll be breaking down the commonalities of the face, pointing out some weird aspects on the given theme and lastly I'll provide you with a "challenge" or better, an excercise, so you can improve on drawing faces from different angles yourself!

I've also included a small "speedsketch" in order to show you what your skills can be and to encourage you not to be intimidated by weird or challenging perspectives.

I still have a long way to go but I'll just have to keep on improvin', ain' it? :P

PS: I apologize for my bad english beforehand TwT
And my deepest regards to my dear friend @osslo99 (on instagram) for his help with the editing of the video! This upload wouldn't be possible without him!



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