About Clip Studio Paint 2.0 Lump sum Upgrade




Clip Studio has been laying out the 2.0 version for a long time. Regarding its new functions, I believe that the severely poisoned Clip Studio Paint users are like me, looking forward to the day of 2.0.

And we finally got it.
When you open Clip Studio, you can see the limited-time offer for upgrading from 1.0 to 2.0 on the latest news page.
(If you are a person who directly opens the Clip Studio Paint direct painting job, you will also see the dialog box showing the latest news)

After clicking, you will see such an option.

I was so moved when I saw this page...
I thought there was no so-called upgrade price. If I just bought the 2.0 version, the EX version would cost more than 3,000 Taiwan dollars.

It seems that the official is still very considerate of the 1.0 users who continue to use and propose optimization and improvement all the way.

But after clicking in, I was a little confused.

It didn't jump directly to the page to buy an upgraded version. This operation was very unintuitive, and I thought for a while that I didn't want to give me a discount to upgrade.

Until I clicked into the "details here" on the left.

Only then did the page I wanted appear.
Then just click to go to the version upgrade.

The discount period is only until 3/20, please take advantage of the time~


I just received feedback from a friend, saying that his page is not the same as mine on [Monthly Fee Plan Contract Information].

He appeared on this page↓

When he clicks on the payment option, it will appear

●Note, this picture is for the one-time payment version of 2.0, not the preferential price for upgrading.

When he saw this page, he kept going back to the page of the monthly fee plan in a constant loop.
This should be a bug. If users have this problem, please send a letter to the official website to respond.
Maybe in order to fix this problem, the discount period may be extended (this is an irresponsible guess)
In short, please report this problem to the official.

Or you can try to directly click [Manage Monthly Fee Plan] in the user box in the Clip Studio window

The page I said will also appear.
The screen you click from here will also be slightly different.

There is also a lump sum option below.

Or on this page, click Use the latest version

This page will appear, where friends can upgrade.

If your page is different from ours

There is still a loop bug

Please give feedback to the official~~
Please give feedback to the official~~
Please give feedback to the official~~

*Or, those who have changed mailboxes on the way, please change back to the old mailbox*

As for the update function, please refer to the official update statement

The other 1,400 is not what I bought~
My bill is the same as the amount in the second picture at the top, which is 1,120

When you buy, you must pay attention to whether the amount is wrong~

Above, thanks for reading~



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