How to Draw Fantasy Wings





Hello fellow artists! My name is Svellie and today I'd like to take you through the process I use to create fantasy wings for creatures such as elemental fairies. This is a very simplified process to allow for your own creativity to fill in the gaps! Let's begin.

Step 1: Organic Shapes

Although in today's world, most professional artists you see may stick to what's commonly accepted in the anatomy world, I'd just to encourage you to stray away from that in today's tip.

An organic shape is one that is more likely to appear in nature rather than your usual inorganic ones such as rectangles and squares. Below, I've started with four organic wing shapes that stem from my character's personalities and abilities.

Step 2: Gather Assets

In Step 2, take advantage of the Clip Studio Paint Asset Store to import various brushes and images that can convey your artistic vision. I listed the ones I used in the video above, so give it a watch!

Step 3: Go Crazy! Try Everything!

Lastly, in Step 3, go crazy! Try everything in every spot you can until you're satisfied with this unorthodox process. Sometimes, this unorganized procedure leads to newfound ideas that may like more than what you were originally planning.


I hope you enjoyed my first-ever CSP tip. Feel free to watch my youtube video on it posted above. Love you, have a great day, bye-bye!

- Svellie



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