Profile View (Chibi & Ghibili style)




We often make the face of a character from front side but make mistakes while make the side or profile view of it.


So here's my tip, so you can avoid some mistakes.

I'll be showing two ways to make it an easy way and a less easy way.

Easy Way

This is for those using clip studio paint 2.0


You can just drag and drop the 3d heads, which will does half the job and also let you skip making the guides.

Set up

First let's make a more anime / semi realistic versions


Then we will make the chibi of the same

As for the front view you can make it how ever you want, consider the head as a guide and draw your character from your imagination

I have made this, using only the 3d head of Csp

Profile view

While making profile view these 4 points are very vital and applicable in almost all types of side views. (I used different colors to highlight each points for better understanding)

1. (Red color): As you can see the red arrow its point to where the nose starts (i.e. nose bridge).


There's a distance between our eyes at the nose bridge often when one is making profile view they make the eyes to close to where the nose stars this error mess up the side view.


So to avoid this notice the gap between the eyes in front view then keep that distance same (even approx. would be good)

2. (Yellow color): Now another feature that gives life to profile is how well that hairs are made from side angle.


The shape of the hair line in front view can be seen as it's just before the eyebrows. Hence there's a gap between the two.

That gap should be made in the profile too, draw lines like I did to make it easy.


3. (Green color): This is a very small detail that makes a huge impact. Its the distance between the earlobe and the start of jaw.


From the frontal view get the grasp of shape and curve or sharpness of the jaw then make it on the side, The gap( guide line) will help you to make the exact spot from where to start the jaw Line.

4(Pink color): Last but not least, The chin, notice the shape of the chin and also the distance between the lower lip and chin.

With the 3D model you can easily get the right shape from all angles

Chibi style

To make chibi art keep in mind the bigger details/features.

Like the hair style, eyes and shape of the face.


>*A tiny tip, in Chibi art the eyes are big, the face is tiny and hairs are also big.

Also the sharp jaw becomes curvy.

Plus the nose becomes small

Notice the red lines.


The jaws gets wider and curvy compared to the sharpen jaws above


Notice the nose, chin in the profile. The nose is small along with the mouth having less details.

Meanwhile rest of the features like hairs, Eyes, a rough shape of the face remains same

The little-less Easy way

This one you can draw without the 3d models but would require to make some guides.


Starting with the front view

In the right hand side we have drawn four circles and have drawn a vertical line from in between.


While the horizontal line is slightly above from the center


From the above 2 circles we will make the front and profile view, while in bottom we will make the same in chibi style.

Front view

Make sure to draw the eyebrows on top of the horizontal line and eyes below it. Ears will also be made from just under it.


You can use symmetry ruler to draw the jaw equally.

Add hairs, keep in mind the frontal hairline.

All rules that I shown above will be applicable here as well.

Now add the mouth.


Making this side without the 3d material will look a little tricky.

Once you get the hang of it will be easy though.


Make the eyes and ears first the same method you did for front view.

usually the position of ear can start from the exact center where the line intersects.

But you can make it slightly behind the line too. Wouldn't matter much if you are able to get the hairs right.

Its all about what kind of details you want.

Now the tricky part.


Drawing nose, Lips and jaw.


Your front view will be your biggest friend here, keep it as aligned as possible.


The purple lines are giving away the locations of each feature.

Notice how with the help of 1st line near nose bridge i was able to make the nose bridge.


Next the tip of nose: this helped in determining how long the nose should've looked from side.


The chin: The thin line at the chin gave me the exact length of the face.


Lips: I made three lines around it to know length of upper and lower lip.


Make as many guides to help you out.

Making hairs.


Again like in the upper part keep in mid only one side of the front.


You'll notice that the eye is totally similar in both views except it gets narrow to the nose bridge and slight wide at the end.


The hair's details like notice the hair strand just above eyebrow. That was present in the front view as well. So such small details hides the recipe to make a beautiful profile.

Chibi Version

Once you make the front view the profile will be easy in chibi version.


To make the Chibi style, Here's few tricks:


>Make eyes big. Like here I dragged and drop from the above version(the anime style front view). Then i just increased its size with the help of operation tool and added few touch ups. >The Jaw is curvy and short in size

Notice the size/length difference between the two.

>The ears will be bigger too comparatively. >Nose will be very small.

Notice nose and ears


Finally make more such guides like down below to make up the profile, follow above methods for profile views for better understanding.

Here's the final results with all guides

After just quick colors it will look like this :)


Hope you all liked the results ^^

You can check the full tutorial here

Give a like and comment everyone ^^


Keep practicing <3 :)



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