flame drawing tutorial




Imagine the frame of the flame.


It is similar to framing a character when drawing a picture.

All paintings must first imagine the form.


What sparks will you transfer to paper? Does it get expensive? exploding? bouncing? .. You can decide from now on!


A small tip here, please remember that sparks are a 'phenomenon' caused by the consumption of energy, and are inconsistent forms like smoke.

It means that it is greatly affected by things like speed, gravity, and wind.



1) Let's draw the burning flame first.

Imagine a bonfire in the form of a crackling fire.

This bonfire isn't very strong, so it's easily distorted.

Because of this, it is characterized by a non-uniform drawing that becomes disorganized toward the border.

2) Let's draw an exploding flame.

Explosion, this spark has strong energy. So the firepower is inexhaustible.

Keep the shape consistent - however, the energy itself is scattered, so please draw the shape in a spreading pattern.

If you think of drawing like freshly ground broccoli, you can easily come up with an idea.

3) bouncing sparks

Do you know the sparks that bounce when iron and iron rub against each other at high speed?

Instantaneous heat of friction, I will draw it now.

The energy of this flame is really instantaneous and has a clear direction. It's like a needle.

You can express it sharply in the direction you want. It's like an effect line.


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