Draw winter clothes and cold atmosphere






When creating a painting, starting with the basic skeleton is an essential step. This stage of work helps establish the overall composition and proportions of the figure, laying a solid foundation for subsequent paintings. After the basic skeleton is completed, the next key step is to draw a draft of the character. At this stage, the shape and dynamics of the characters can be further reflected through meticulous lines and contours.

It is worth noting that when drawing a character sketch, adding a sense of perspective is an important technique to enhance the appeal of the picture. The sense of perspective can make the picture more three-dimensional and vivid, allowing the viewer to feel depth and three-dimensionality. This can be achieved through appropriate distance changes of lines, angle selection of character postures, etc. This small change can add rich layers to the overall picture, making it more engaging.

Grayscale coloring

Regarding the coloring method, I personally think that using grayscale coloring after the draft is completed is one of the fastest ways to master the overall color. Through grayscale, focusing on the contrast between light and dark, you can select tones more accurately, making the picture richer and more layered.

Use the "override" blending mode to tint.

At the same time, special attention needs to be paid to the volume and shadow expression of the fluffy fur part, which can make the character more three-dimensional and lifelike.


Finally, after completing the basic colors, the important step is to organize the picture cleanly and orderly and make detailed modifications. This includes adjusting details and adding subtle shadows and light effects to make the overall picture more refined and to present a higher level of artistic quality.


When it comes to backgrounds, I personally use Photoshop to draw them. During this process, remember that the background saturation is lower, which not only gives the woods a sense of layering, but also highlights the depth of field.


Finally, the effect of flying snowflakes is added to add color to the overall picture, making the work more poetic and charming in winter.



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