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Hi! my name is Kim and I will be giving you my fellow artist a tutorial on how to draw furry clothes/apparel :)

Step 1

Start out with your sketch. Edit the sketch until it meets your desire look, you can always edit as you go. Try your best to get the anatomy of your creature/person the way you want it in the beginning. I used the G-pen tool provided through clip studio pro in the size point 7 and 8. Feel free to use your method.

Neat Tip on Value

This is just a sketch of a value circle. This shows how we are going to apply the law of value to our fur clothes to make it look more 3D instead of flat.

Step 2

Trace out where you will be placing the fur texture in your art piece. I used red for my example. Use the color that is your outline of your art piece, I used black to match my outline of my artwork.

Breakdown of what were doing in the Art Piece

Test it out! Alot of times we as artist just jump in, but it can be very fun to play around with your art to see if you are going to like the final outcome. You do not have to do this, but this is what we are doing in the art piece. We have already done the outline now onto step 3!

Step 3

Fill in your outlined areas with your base color. Mine is black after filling out my outlines I used the bucket tool to fill them in.

Step 4

Now use your medium color and outline your highlight areas. This is creating a 3D effect to your art. It is helping you locate your highlight spots, similar to the value spheres shown above.

You will need the airbrush tool

To start to create the 3D fur like appearance you will use the airbrush tool in point sizes 3,7,15 with the soft sub tool texture.


Make short chaotic curved lines going in all directions. DON’T do straight long lines, random squiggles, or same direction strokes. The more chaotic the short spiritic lines the better the 3D effect.

Step 5

Start making size first. Try doing point 15 strokes over the designated areas you made earlier. Go over the outlines you made by half a centimeter or less. Use a color that is a little lighter than the dark shade you started out with. I used a dark grey color specifically (25 red,25 green,25 blue).

Step 6

Now in the size point 7 with the same airbrush tool. Try to make those same chaotic strokes in your outlined areas with a lighter color than the previous. For my lighter color I used a lighter color grey specifically (77 red,77 green, 77 blue).

Step 7

Finally, take your lightest color in the size point 7 and apply in the same stroke method as before. But only in the highlight areas as pointed out in step 4. The color I used as my highlight is (red 70, green 93, blue 106). I used a light blue to match my background and a hint of white in the size 3.

Your final product will look a little like this.

Awesome job!

I hope you enjoyed This tutorial on fur clothes.

Please comment your finish products if you try the tutorial, if not that’s okay, I enjoyed your presence regardless.

Good luck my fellow artist.

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