Celsys cannot confirm the serial numbers of copies of Clip Studio Paint that are bundled with Wacom tablets, as these numbers are issued on Wacom's website.

◆Wacom Contact support

If you purchased the download version from the official Clip Studio Paint website operated by Celsys, please check the following points.

If you paid by Share-it (Digital River)

If you have your purchase information, you can confirm your serial number from the pages below.

◆My Account

◆User ID and password - How can I get my data?

You will also need your Share-it! information if you used Paypal via Share-it.

For users who purchased from the official Clip Studio Paint website but cannot log in to Share-it.

Payment information is not handled by Celsys.
Please contact Digital River about matters concerning payment information.

◆Shopper Support

If the problem is not resolved, please contact us here.

Be sure to use the email address you registered for Share-it! when you purchased the software.

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