Line may not be drawn with CLIP STUDIO PAINT



If you can not draw a line with CLIP STUDIO PAINT, check the following.

■ When the cursor becomes an arrow or prohibition mark of the OS standard

【In the case of arrow cursor】
The canvas has not been created.

Create and draw a canvas from the [File] menu-> [New].

[In the case of a prohibition mark]
A layer that can not be drawn such as [Paper] or a locked layer is selected.

Check the [Layer] palette and select a raster layer and draw it.
※ Raster layer can be created from [New raster layer] icon.

■ If the cursor is normal but nothing is drawn at stroke

[Confirmation of selection range]
If a selection is created, it can not be drawn outside the selection.

Click the [Selection] menu-> [Deselect] to cancel the selection and then draw.

[Confirmation of display magnification]
If you draw a thin line with a small display magnification, you may not be able to see the line.

Set the display magnification to 100% and check if the line is drawn.

【Check the selected tool】
You have selected a tool that can not be drawn, such as an eraser tool.

Select and draw a pen or pencil on the tool palette.

【Check the drawing color】
White or transparent color is selected.

Make sure that black is selected in the icon at the bottom of the tool palette and draw it.

【Check the color of layer expression】
If you can not draw a line when selecting a light color that is not black, you are drawing on a monochrome layer.

When drawing on a monochrome layer, dark colors are converted to black and light colors are converted to white.

If you want to draw in a light color, set the basic expression color to [Color] when creating a new one.

[Check the order of layers]
If there is a layer above the selected layer, the line is hidden in the layer above.

In the Layers palette, move the selected layer to the top and draw it.

■ If you can draw with the mouse

If you can draw with a mouse but not with a pen tablet, you have a problem with the pen tablet.

Uninstall the tablet driver and reinstall the latest driver.

Please refer to the following page for the reinstallation procedure of Wacom tablet driver.

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