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Hello and welcome to a new tip of Clip Studio Paint about the creative process and the use of the tools offered by the software

In the gothic theme, we will design pre-existing fictional monsters based on the mix, also showing you the creative process to design new spooky monsters

Here I share a video tutorial that I have prepared for a better experience (Turn on subtitles)

Tutorial Video

I want to show the videotutorial that I prepared for better experience (Activate the subtitles)

01 | Creature Design

From a sketch, we started designing our first monster for the Halloween theme: we'll draw a goblin

Then we start to move from dirty sketch to clean sketch

We apply the silhouette technique to identify the creature we are planning.

Horns, sharp teeth, large ears are examples given in the following silhouette.

EXTRA TIP: Use the ink brush (Saji 5.0) with vector layer, for better to working

02 | Variation

From the first silhouette that assimilates to the goblin, we vary the size of the forms and we will obtain infinite versions for our creepy character.

Start filling colors in three parts: head, torso and legs. Have fun manipulating the shapes!

03 | Color Palette

Color is very important: there are warm colors that fall to red and cold colors that go from blue

With the color wheel and its other Clip Studio Paint features, we can get the right color for the creepy character

You can use the Auto Color: first select the layer as reference, after create selection of the drawing's base and apply the Auto Color automatically, you'll apply changes and details later

Extra Tip: Use the Intermediate Color function for to obtain color variation or alternative

04 | Line style

Depending on the style, you can convert thin lines to thick lines.

You can use textured brushes to create textured lines (like ''G Real 20.0'')

05 | Decoration

Proposes the clothes and objects for the monster character's costume, through the ''rough draft''

Hats, magic wand, sharp teeth for the goblin You can also vary with other designs such as clown, werewolf or vampire


And surprise, the 3 monsters lurk in the night!

This would be the creative process for our chilling monster

Thank you for getting here and have a productive day


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