How to color with color gradient

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This tutorial is the best way to use gradients to color your drawings!

Hi! I present myself first of all. My name is Azuukichan and I bring you my first color tutorial with Clip Studio Paint. It is a technique that I use a lot and it is very effective, fast and precise. It helps a lot those who are studying color as well as professionals. I hope you like it and it helps you a lot!

1. We have to prepare a piece in black and white or grayscale. I prefer to paint like this, as it helps me distinguish and paint the lights and shadows well. Here my piece. We have to paint in every layer the parts in separate. Ex hair, skin, clothes, wings, etc.

2. After having prepared everything well, proceed to paint the shadows and lights that correspond to a gray scale. You can use the multiply effect and clipping mask to be more precise!

3. Once the shadows have been corrected, we join the two layers and form a single layer of skin.

4. Now, we right click on that layer and go to "New correction layer" and "gradient map". I'm spaniard so my Clip Studio is in spanish. But is in the same place in all languages :D

5. Here a new window will appear with various options and settings. You have a horizontal bar to be able to graduate the colors to your intensity. From the left, the darkest color in your layer and to the right, the lightest. So that what you have painted darker, it will appear in the color you choose and the same for the lighter one. It will affect all the tones that you have painted. You can even save gradients to your liking or download them for free in Assets. I have several saved according to my colors.

6. When this window opens, the default drawing will turn black because it is the default gradient. But that is fixed by clicking on clipping mask and making this new correction layer only affect the skin one.

7. We choose the set of colors that we want to apply for this skin layer and we accept it. We can graduate the intensity of the color and apply when we are happy with the result.

This is the result of using gradients with the skin.

Now, you can go on with the rest of layers, keeping this process. Is very easy and fast to do!

This is the final piece! I hope you like it! Thank you so much for reading me!!

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