Designing a Cyborg!

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Deciding what type of robot you want to draw!

So , there are various types of robots! It’s very fun to experiment with their designs! Sometimes you can make it inspired by a car or a console or whatever you want!
Today i will be drawing a Cyborg !
My character’s only human part is her head, the rest is all metallic.


When drawing something like this I tend to start sketching multiple figures at once to see which shapes would fit my character!

After choosing which one i liked better (in this case the first one) i make another sketch but more detailed.


I then proceed with lineart once I’m happy with the sketch.
Since the shapes are rather simple I use mostly the curve tool and vector layers!

I then go on and choose a color palette for the character. I recommend you experiment with the color correction layers to find a palette that’s suits your preferences!

I refine more and add more contrast to my colors!
For shading i recommend you use a multiply layer on top of your color layer!

And then (very important when you paint materials like metal)
I create a glow dodge layer on top of my color layer to make light reflect on the material.

And then I have my cyborg all ready and functional ! :)

If you want to see this tutorial more detailed i suggest you watch the YouTube video up above!

But anyways thank you for reading and i see you next time !😌

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