Give Life to your Lineart with Gaussian Blur!

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Hello, artists! I'm Pusu and I am here to give a tip on how to give your lineart life. I've used this process in my recent artwork and I'll be glad to share it with you!

So first, I started with the sketch of how I will turn a mirror selfie into my art style. Since this girl looks like a webtoon character in real life, I added a bit of style from webtoon art.

After transforming the selfie to a sketch that I want, I went on with the clean lineart. I used the default G-Pen with smooth lines but you can go with the Real G-Pen if you want. (If you want an easier and faster way of doing clean lineart, use a Vector Layer to draw and don't bother the intersecting or overlapping lines, just use the Vector Eraser on the unwanted lines.)

Then, I went with the coloring. My coloring style is somewhat a style of digital painting so having solid lineart doesn't sit well with me. Therefore, I used my upcoming tip: have a soft lineart.

As you can see, the art is somewhat good now, after some coloring, but having a soft lineart with it will give this lineart life and will blend more with the colors. To do this tip, you first duplicate your lineart layer (If you use a vector layer, rasterize it first!):

Then, with the duplicate, go to filter:

Blur > Gaussian Blur... :

Then set your desired strength of the blur. I use a strength of 20-25.

You can see here that the lineart now blends more with the colors...

It also applies a bit of shadow adding more depth to the artwork. Though, having too much of this shadow makes your art dark so you can play with the soft lineart's opacity:

I prefer leaving it with 55%-80% opacity but you do you! Pick whatever makes your art better in your opinion. After that, go with your background and effects to complete the artwork and there you have it!



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