greeting card


■ Please see the work first

■ Christmas (lease)

Make a brush.
Duplicate a brush with a similar shape (in this case, a wavy line), change the brush tip to the material below, and adjust the orientation in the sub tool details.


■ Christmas 2 (Tree)

Paste the fir tree material. (Originally.)

Make shade with a shade brush.

The ribbon shades under the knot.

The lace uses a garment lace.

■ Christmas 3 (Snowdome)

Make a Nordic pattern with a grid.

Add shade and highlights.

■ Christmas 4 (window shopping)

Building + person

Illumination is painted around with an airbrush.
I tried to make the background black for easy understanding.

If it is thin, make a jpg plate and multiply it to 65% opacity.

■ Christmas 5 (illumination)

Register the brush. Color is better because it darkens the screen. (left)

Thank you for watching so far (^-^)


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