What kind of service is it ?

It is a service where users can gain and share knowledge and techniques on illustration, manga, 3D and animation. Comments can also be posted on individual TIPS.

  • Posts do not need to be limited to how to use software, as long as they are useful to creators. The topics do not need to be limited to CELSYS software. Please use TIPS as a place to share any and all information among creators.
  • When posting TIPS, a ‘Series’ can be set, which allows users to read multiple tips in order. By setting a series, moving to the first, previous or following of a group of TIPS becomes easier.

About the Menu

After logging in, the contents of the menu displayed by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner are as follows.


By selecting the star icon, you can display TIPS that are added to your favorites.


You can edit and delete your posted TIPS. Additionally, you can create, edit, and delete a series from the on-screen “Series” menu.

New post

You can post new TIPS. TIPS can also be added to a series when posting.

About posting and editing

The instructions of the editor when posting and editing TIPS are as follows.

How to use the editor

Switch input methods by selecting the “Text”, “Caption”, “Image”, or “URL” tab. If you click the “Add” button after input, a preview of the element will be added at the top of the editor. You can make your TIPS by repeating this process.

By using the control button that is displayed by hovering the mouse over an added element, it can be moved, edited (images cannot be edited), and deleted.

  • The thumbnail of the TIPS in a list will use the first image set in an “Image” element (it cannot be set in any other way).
How to make a series

To allow multiple TIPS to be read in a specific order, set up a series.

A series can be set up with either of the following methods.

  • [My TIPS] → [Series]: You can make a new series, and add to or delete a existing series. You can also change the title of a series, and change the order of the contained TIPS.
  • [New post]: You can make a new series, and add to an existing series.
  • You can only add TIPS that you have posted to a series.
  • A new post will always be added to the end of a series. The added order cannot be specified.

About TIPS that cannot be added to a series.

TIPS can only be added to one series per TIPS. Due to this, when choosing the TIPS to add to a series with the “My series - select TIPS” menu, TIPS that are already added to a series will not be displayed.

About the posting locale

By selecting a language in the “Posting locale” from “Detail” of the search bar, only TIPS of the selected language will be displayed.


For FAQ, requests and bug reports, or inquiries, please refer to the support menu. Additionally, please use CLIP STUDIO ASK, where other users can answer your questions.

Please take in consideration when making a post.

Details can be found in “Post and Behavior Guidelines (English).” A summary can be found here. Be careful when uploading text or images.

  • Do not post content that you do not have the intellectual property rights (copyrights) to.
  • With this service, any posted content belongs to the user who made the post.
  • Posts must not be in violation of any laws.
  • Do not post content containing child pornography or abuse, and sexual content.
  • Do not post content which promotes discrimination or ideologies (Religious, Political, Race, Occupation, Sex).
  • Do not post content that may be offensive to others.
  • Do not post content that is not related to the service.
  • Content deletion function is not provided in any service that consist of content which is compiled by multiple users. Due to copyright is shared by multiple users in that type of content. And even if the posting user requests deletion to Celsys, that decision is left to Celsys.
  • By posting to this service, you consent to the usage of your post within CELSYS. Posts may be altered, edited or translated.
  • Users are requested to take responsibility for the content they post. We will sincerely correspond to precise requests from users.
  • This service provides a report feature. If this feature is used the user of the post will be contacted by CELSYS. Please follow any directions given by CELSYS which corresponds to the post.
  • Even if it is not directly stated in the rules, policies or guidelines, please refrain from participating in problematic behavior or problematic posts. Please act in a respectful and rational manner.