[From the start] Draw a manga [Monochrome]



When using Christa from scratch, there are too many TIPS pages and I don't know where to start! It is a summary for those who. It may be added and corrected successively.

01Start from installation

■ Installation, introduction ■
How to install and update apps and pen tablet settings


■ About settings for manga ■
Switching between dark (dark) and light (bright) colors of the interface and display of each palette. How to set the operation unit to [mm] for print media.


■ Summary for the first person ■
A more detailed summary for those who are new to Christa.
・ [3] To share the work and application settings. ・ [4] To add materials, please read.


■ How to draw monochrome cartoons 漫画
Explanation of the flow of manga production. The flow varies from person to person, but I would like to confirm this general flow first.


02Make and save manuscript

■ Cartoon manuscript paper ■
Commentary on manga manuscript papers and basic knowledge required when creating digital manuscripts. It's a bit voluminous, but be sure to read it here.

If you want to create a doujinshi or personal magazine, be sure to read (2) the front and back covers. Absolutely read. It is a very good text written so that the first person does not bother.


■ Preparation of manuscript ■
Commentary on how to actually create a manuscript with Crysta. One of the points I want to keep down is the commentary on layer colors (color / gray / monochrome).


■ Work list window ■
Information necessary for "managing multiple pages collectively", such as for manga manuscripts. How to change pages and combine spread pages.


03Text input and draft

■ Input of name (text) ■
If you enter text with a text tool when drawing a name, the subsequent work will be smooth.・ [Be sure to read afterwards. If you do not use the balloon tool, you can skip it, but the rectangular balloon used for the monologue is unexpectedly useful, so remembering how to use it here may help you later.


■ Draw a draft ■
Create a layer to draw a draft → Explanation of the flow from using the tool. It describes the basics of drawing with brush tools.


■ How to make a draft layer ■
By setting the layer to [Draft] mode, you can ignore the draft at the time of filling in "I can see it on the screen but do not have it when printing or outputting the image". How to make a layer set as a draft.


■ When scanning analog documents 原稿
Analog documents can be scanned and loaded into the crystal. Also, noise may be mixed in the scanned original. If you do not use scanning, skip it.


04 Finishing with a pen

■ How to make a border 線
How to draw borders using frame border folders.


■ Pen case ■
Instructions for creating a layer for pen insertion and drawing with the pen tool.


■ Solid coating ■
How to fill solid using the [Fill] tool.


■ Paste a tone ■
How to apply tones. Also about how to handle gradation.


The selection range used when applying tones is more reliable when working with a quick mask.



■ How to use the ruler ■
How to use ruler tools that can be used when drawing backgrounds and props. Also about the flow of drawing a motorcycle with many curves.


■ Raise the background from photos ■
Explanation of the flow of drawing the background using a perspective ruler with reference to the photograph.



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