How to make a draft layer



It is easy to use the layer for drafting if you make the settings from ① to ③.
  ① Set [Expression color] on the [Layer property] palette to [Gray] or [Color]
  ② Turn on the [Set as Draft Layer] icon on the [Layer] palette
    (Or menu [Layer] → [Layer setting] → [Set as draft layer])
  ③ Turn on [Layer color] on the [Layer] palette

These series of operations are registered in the default auto action, so it is convenient to use them.

① Select Auto Action [Create Draft Layer]
② Click the [Play] icon

You can quickly create a layer that has been set as a draft layer and the layer color has also been changed.

To call auto action more quickly, you can execute auto action with one click by setting [Button mode] to ON in the palette menu.


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