Simple Animation with Bezier Curves


NOTE: I am pushing this section of the tutorial out early in order to provide a video demo of vector curves to complement the other sections of this tutorial series -- this section is currently incomplete and will be filled in properly at a later date

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In this part of the tutorial, I will be going over why Bezier Vector Curves are extremely desirable for use when creating animation outlines. This will be done through a very simple bouncing ball animation

If you have experience with Adobe Animate/Flash, some methods I will be demonstrating should be very familiar as they will be the same methods used when animating in Adobe Animate

For review on basic animation, please refer to this Official tutorial:

Simple Bouncing Ball Animation

I will be using a Cubic Bezier Circle as the bouncing ball.

If Clip Studio Paint still has not created an option on the Circle figure tool, you can create a Cubic Bezier Circle from an earlier tutorial in this series:

For the Quadratic Bezier Circle: I will upload that section soon-ish - for now, please check the early sections of the video tutorial below for one of a few options for drawing one


Here is a video demo of vector curves while animating a simple bouncing ball:

Note: I may or may not be re-doing this recording sometime soon -- this current version will be "unlisted" and replaced with a somewhat more refined version if it is done. You will be able to access the old version if you retain the link

A notable item to check out in the tutorial is some basic usage of the "Pinch Vector Line" tool for modifying Bezier Curves. Most other items covered are review of earlier sections of this tutorial series

Additional Resources

For troubleshooting when animating, please refer to the last section of this Official tutorial:


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