Change the drawn picture to retro


■ Change in gradation

Set the gradation of the above image to 7.

The retro feeling increases. Excuse me if you are surprised by your face.

■ Wow


Draw more than 20 angels. I used the upper face. I copied my face and changed my hair (because I don't have that much power).

I used a crystal filter to deceive the picture.

I also tried the sepia tone with the gradation map.

■ Stick to the corridor

Make the mesh deformation and paste it inside. Edit → Transform → Mesh Transform. Please be careful as the points of mesh deformation will be messed up if you hurry. The trick is to decide from the left or right and align from the outside.

Is difficult.

■ Pattern

Let's make a pattern.

Actually, this strange pattern is connected. It is split with green and blue in the middle.

■ Image processing

Prepare a blue image with the original illustration and gradation map. It looks like blurring if you place it a little while shifting it and overlay the blue one.

■ Font

The basics of font creation are bordering, texture pasting, gradation removal, shadow shifting
Blurred and glossy. Also, it is easy to decide which material to use. (Kihana flame, lightning metal tape, etc.)


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