Stylized Portrait Tutorial


I. introduction

Hi everyone !! I'm Neko and in today's tutorial, I'll show you how I draw my favorite thing : PORTRAITS!! Note: This is just MY process and for sure there're many other ways to draw portraits.
I recommend you to watch the youtube video, the explanation is way better and easier to understand

If you google "portrait drawing", you will find those realistic drawings that I honestly can't draw but I want to tell you that portraits aren't necessarily realistic drawings. You can create a stylised portrait with a cartoony or manga style. Here are two examples of stylised portraits:

The left one is semi realistic while the right one is a mix of manga style and cartoon style.
Now, let's start the tutorial !!

II. basics and anatomy

OK so now let's start with the anatomy basics

A face is composed of two eyes, a nose between them, two eyebrows above them, a mouth under the nose and one ear on each side of the face. This is the very basics of the face anatomy.
Now let's talk about the proportions

The proportions will help you understand the face structure and anatomy.

In the middle of the face, you have the eyes line. This line is where your eyes need to be when they're closed. This line is also the middle of your eyes when they're open. Use the line as a guide to draw them.

If you divide the face in 3 equal parts, you will have the eyebrows/hair zone, the eyes/nose/ear zone and the mouth/chin one. This is also the most simple and usefull way to divide the face when drawing.

The space between the eyes is equal to one eye and is also the zone where the nose and the mouth must be.

III. Stylisation


Try to play with the shapes



IV. step by step

NOTE : To color the line ar you can use those icons.
To use the first one, create a new layer above the lineart. For the second just use it directly on the lineart layer


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