How to draw jewelry and gems)))


The basic model

Before you start your drawing, already have a model made from a black pencil. Feel free to draw any shadows and lights you plan to put there, so you don't get lost from the start.

The bottom

Fill the background with blue and gray and feel free to make the details from an oil brush.

Precious stones

Using the "G Pen", start making your stones, especially remembering to do the details.

Once the details are done, still with the "G Pen", use the "Blur" brush on the stone, and then the "mixer". And repeat this step for all the other stones.

If you want more details, you can readjust the stone, with the "Taper Brush":


Do not hesitate to use a diamond brush to decorate your work. You can find some very nice ones like: "Cute Fire Opal", "Cute Diamants" ect ...

Once you are done with the stones and jewelry, add a finishing touch. I preferred to finish with the "droplets", in order to decorate my work.

That's all for this little tutorial. I hope you liked it . )))



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