How to use the LIQUID tool




Hello everyone, I wanted to collaborate by leaving a video tutorial of the new liquefy tool, which I have been testing these days and the truth is that I think it can be very useful to fix small details without having to redraw them.

The liquefy tool apart from fixing photos of models as it is better known, we can also use it to improve our illustrations and also, as you will see, it is very easy to learn how to use it.

This tool has 5 different modes

Push: As the name says, it pushes the content towards the direction that we move it, this can be used to fix some lines that were wrong, for example, we can fix the shape of the outline of our character's face.

Increase: Makes what is inside our brush larger

Shrink: Unlike increase, this makes it smaller.

Push left and right: This is like the push, but it will only push to the side you choose.

Rotate left and right: This mode twists the images in a spiral shape, this is very useful for textures, making smoke, fire, water, etc.

And each mode has its two editing options:

Intensity: The intensity regulates the scope that our brush will have, the higher the percentage, the more force it will have.

Hardness: And hardness is important to understand since it will be deformed in different ways depending on the percentage that we put on it, the lower it is, the more the liquefying effect will focus on the center.

In the image above with the flowers, using the magnify mode, on one flower I set hardness to 8 and the other to 100.
As you can see with the 8, the yellow circle is enlarged more than the petals, on the other hand, with the 100, everything is enlarged equally, that is because it has the highest range.

That's all, I hope it helped you :)



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