[Windows 10] Unintended operation occurs when operating with pen and touch after Windows update is applied



Add / April 26, 2018

Ver.1.7.4 which corrected this phenomenon has been released.
Please update from the following page.





Add / April 13, 2018

For this issue, we have prepared Ver. which corrected the problem.
You can download from the link below.

* Since I released version 1.7.4, I deleted the link. (April 26, 2018)

If you apply this updater and you can not see improvements in operation, please contact CELSYS user support.

Thank you very much for giving us much information this time.
When new information is updated, it will be disclosed at this Tips.

2018 / April 12 postscript

According to this case, users are reporting that they will switch to the palm tool when drawing with Wacom pen tablet.
If this trouble is occurring, you can avoid the problem by making the following settings.

Avoidance policy

Open [Windows Start] -> [Wacom Tablet] -> [Wacom Tablet Properties].
Select the [Position Adjustment] tab and uncheck [Use Digital Ink Function].

* In English OS, [Use Windows Ink] is displayed.

Launch CLIP STUDIO PAINT and open [File] menu -> [Preferences].
Select [Tablet] and check [Wintab] of [Tablet service to use].

Open [Windows Start] -> [Settings].
Select [Device] -> [Pen and Windows Ink] and check [Ignore touch input while using pen].

When using a tablet PC other than Wacom

When installing the Windows update program "KB 4089848" released on March 23, 2018, on the tablet PC equipped with Windows 10, the following unintended behavior occurs when using the stylus pen with CLIP STUDIO PAINT there is.

If you open the [File] menu -> [Preferences] and select [Tablet PC] in [Tablet service to use] in the [Tablet] category, if you operate with the modifier key + the stylus pen, the coordinates will be blurred.

The operation with the stylus pen is recognized as the operation with the finger.
For example, layer change by dragging a pen on the layer palette works as scrolling the palette.

If you feel that a malfunction will occur when operating with a stylus pen, there is a possibility of the above problem.
Sorry to trouble you, but please send the following contents to the e-mail address of the user support center.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
Celsys User Support
Mail Title: [Tablet PC Failure]

Please inform the following contents in the body of the email.

· Bug that is occurring

* It can be confirmed with [Help] menu -> [Version information].

· Maker and model number of the tablet PC being used

· Select [Windows Start] -> [Settings] -> [System], select [Version information] on the left side of the screen to be displayed and click [Version] and [OS Build] on the right side of the screen Please inform us of the contents.

· With CLIP STUDIO PAINT open the [File] menu -> [Preferences], take a screenshot with the [Tablet] category selected, and attach the image to the mail.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

In addition, this phenomenon is scheduled to be released at the end of April 2018 with the update of CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and we plan to deal with it so that it operates normally.

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