Fireworks in 2 Minutes




Wanna know how to draw fireworks in 2 minutes? Watch the video above~


Since it is summer, I'm sure everyone is itching to draw beautiful summer festival scenes~ and they always need fireworks~!





First start with a symmetry ruler. You can set the number of lines according to how much rays you want.

Draw lines in one portion of the ruler. I drew one near the center, two at the middle, and a dot at the outside.

Next draw a dot with a soft brush at the center. Then, apply radial blur with the direction set to outside and the type set to smooth. Adjust the number to around 20.

After the radial blur, add a gaussian blur. (These can all be found in the FIlter tab~)

Afterwards, create a new Add(Glow) layer and paint soft blobs at the center with yellow. The brush I used here was the default airbrush with the hardness set to zero~ All brushes used here come from the default CSP brushes~

I also drew very thin lines with the same brush, curving out from the middle of the firework to the outside.

After drawing these, I simply applied the same radial blur I used, but with a slightly lower strength setting.

Then just add a new Screen layer, and draw a soft glow over the whole firework with a very big airbrush with low hardness.

Now for the finishing touches~ I just added a new glow dodge layer, and added random specks of yellow. These make your firework more radiant and shiny.

After adding that, I simply put on a radial blur with the same settings as before, but set the direction inwards.

Now you're done! You can reduce the layer count by merging all the layers except for the screen layer. You may also change the color of the firework by adjusting the hue~


I hope you were all able to follow~ Thanks for reading~



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