Sweets recommendation





Sweets are a very useful motif for illustrations.

I will briefly introduce the reason for this and the key points for drawing sweets well.

Why you should draw sweets

Sweets are a companion to the color scheme. It would be a waste to dismiss it simply as "it's colorful," so let's take a look at the reason.

Scenes where sweets come into play

The scene where sweets come into play is when the color scheme you want to draw comes first.


The colorful nature of sweets does not mean that they are difficult to organize and handle. On the contrary, it is very convenient because you can freely decide on the color.


No matter what color you choose for your sweets, it will still look acceptable.

Unless it's sweets...

For most things, if you decide on a color just the way you like it, you'll end up with a lot of trouble.

Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate color by devising the color of the light, but this also has its limits.

Let's draw sweets!

When you want to incorporate your favorite colors on the screen, it's reassuring to have drawing sweets as an option in your head!

Tips for drawing sweets

Drawing sweets may seem difficult, but there are clear tips. It's about being conscious of your silhouette.

capture the silhouette

Do you misunderstand that if you can draw the proportions and colors well, the sweets will look exactly like that?


There aren't many people who will take the time to carefully observe the details of your illustrations. In such cases, the important thing is to know how to draw so that you can tell what you have drawn just by looking at it.

One of the most important ways to do this is to draw the silhouette clearly.


This is not limited to sweets, but many sweets have distinctive silhouettes, so it's something you should be especially aware of.


This may happen if you are not conscious of it.

How about that. No matter how carefully the details are drawn, it is difficult to understand what is being drawn at a glance.


On the other hand, no matter how many details are omitted, if the silhouette is well captured, it will be easy to tell what you have drawn.

Steps to draw sweets

Based on the story so far, it will be easier to draw the sweets in this order.


①Decide the color you want to use

② Decide on the sweets to draw

③Think about the distinctive silhouette of the sweets

④Think of the angle that will bring out the silhouette

⑤Draw the details according to the color you decided


Even with the same silhouette, the details can be drawn in various ways. If you do everything up to ④ properly, you won't have any problems with ⑤.

in conclusion

Drawing sweets is actually very easy and easy to use. Please try out the contents introduced in this article!



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