Super Easy Female Anime Face


Hi everyone, it's Yaantii! I'm back with another quick tutorial.

This tutorial is more geared towards beginners, as it’s a simple topic. For this one, I’ve made a video to show the process, as it may be clearer to watch than to read. :)


The Head Shape:

I start with a circle for the top of the head, and then bring down two lines from either side. With a slight curve, I connect the two sides to form a chin.

The Proportions:

I then mark out three lines. (do this very approximately). The first line is at about halfway of the entire shape, the second line will be half way of the bottom half, and the third will be half of that.
The top line is where I will place the eyes for this character, the middle one will be the nose, and the bottom one will be the mouth.

Drawing the features:

In the future, I will give more detailed explanations, but here are some basics.

Eyes: I draw the eyes by going back and forth with my brush and creating the top lid. I draw the bottom lid and then add the iris which will be either an ellipse or a rounded square. The pupil will be a small dot, for simplicity’s sake. Try to keep at least about an eyes distance in between the two eyes.

Nose: I use a simple dot to represent the nose.

Mouth: Any curved line works as a mouth. To stylize, leave the middle of the mouth a little lighter, or leave a gap. Be careful to not make it too long.

Eyebrows: The eyebrows sit above the eyes, and are around the length of the eyelids. Depending on how the eyelids are positioned, it’ll affect your character’s expression.

Ears: for the ears, I use a simplified C shape with a smaller C shape inside. The height of the ears should start at the eyes and end before the nose.

Hair: The hair is by far the most complex part of the drawing. I mark out a line above the scalp where the top of the hair will be. Building up the shapes of the hair using leaf-like shapes and tapered lines, I add in the hair one step at a time. Start with the larger shapes and add the details later on.

That’s it! Those are the basics for the female manga face. Using these proportions, you can push and pull to create more stylized characters.

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