After updating to Ver1.9.1(win/mac), when Clip Studio Paint is opened for the first time, files will not stop opening.




Ver.1.9.2(win/mac) has been released. The update will address the previously mentioned issue.


We have confirmed that in the latest Ver 1.9.1(win/mac), there is an issue where files will not open completely when Clip Studio Paint is opened for the first time after being updated. If you have encountered this issue, it can be resolved with the following steps.

1. Force Clip Studio Paint to close, and open it from its icon or Clip Studio without clicking on a file

2. Close the "Getting Started" tour(the tutorial dialog added in this update), close Clip Studio Paint, and open it again.

People who have not experienced problems opening files on Clip Studio Paint and iPad users will not be affected by this issue.

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