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The themes this time were Drawing perfect lines for beginners, Surprising Clip Studio Paint Features, and Scenes with Illuminations. We are now accepting submissions for February’s themes and looking forward to your posts!

Out of the Tips posted between Dec 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

Video Award

  1. We recommend this video for those who want to create animations. Learn how to animate fireworks lighting up the night sky in just 10 minutes. The techniques to light up the night sky and characters with the brightness of fireworks added realism to the scene.
  2. Want cleaner line art in Clip Studio Paint? Check out like oyunurka's tutorial to learn about vector layers, border effects and more to speed up and improve your line art drawing process. Follow along with the video to familiarize yourself with all the settings and tools you need.

Gold Award

  1. Know these features for easier digital drawing! drawsiree introduces the recommended features that all beginners should know. If you’re looking to try digital drawing, these helpful tips with cute examples and easy-to-understand content are a must read.
  2. This TIPS is all you need to level up your lineart. It covers both theoretical and practical aspects, and includes examples of drawing objects and human figures in various lighting conditions and emotional states. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, you can learn new skills and techniques from this tutorial.

Silver Award

  1. This helpful tutorial explains how to draw with monotone brushes for comics. Using a fence as an example, this Tips shows you how to make tone brushes by utilizing the Paper Quality setting in the brush Sub Tool Detail and materials. Improve your comic creation work efficiency by reading this!
  2. From how to customize your interface to making the most of your canvas space with Simple Mode, check out this Tips that can help you use Clip Studio Paint according to your needs. Links to other helpful articles are even provided so you can check out more features in detail.
  3. This Tips provides detailed explanations on how to approach drawing lines and helpful Clip Studio Paint features for great lines. If you’re having difficulty with line drawings, give this a read and try practicing what you learned!
  4. Clear explanations on how to adjust and customize pen pressure, how to adjust lines after their drawn, how to draw unique lines are all found here! Understanding the features is helpful for smooth digital drawing. Read this Tips and learn to draw the lines you want!
  5. Discover eight helpful features in Clip Studio Paint to simplify your workflow. This TIPS highlights some commonly overlooked functions, such as moving the selection menu, tracking your work duration, customizing tool properties, and more.
  6. This tutorial by Ryuusei Interact introduces a variety of drawing exercises to improve your pen control and help you to level up your line art! Try these out to improve your confidence and coordination.
  7. This Tips is perfect for those who don’t know how to use the various filters and color correction features in drawing apps. Packed inside are techniques to improve your illustration, such as chromatic aberration and glitch effects. Definitely give them a try!
  8. Written by an experienced Clip Studio Paint user, read this Tips for how to improve your work efficiency. Learn how to customize your interface, how to divide the Layer palette in two, and other features to draw more efficiently.
  9. For those unsure how to smoothly rearrange the UI, find layer operations cumbersome, or feel that the perspective rule seems off, this Tips might be able to solve your issues. Intermediate users of Clip Studio Paint may solve their problems with Modifier keys!
  10. This Tips has ten practical and useful features of Clip Studio Paint that can get you big results with little effort. Drawing from Cyfuko’s experience creating webtoons, discover their hand picked features focusing on color comics that they wish they knew about earlier.
  11. Understanding the physical mechanics for how to draw light and shadow will make your drawings more compelling. The first half of this Tips explains how light and shadow work, and the second half introduces how to draw them using Clip Studio Paint’s features. Recommended for those who want to learn how to draw light and shadow.
  12. Learn useful techniques for drawing black and white comics with this Tips. There are many settings and features that many don’t know about but should, such as the Line correction tool on raster layers, the Remove dust filter, and more.

Bronze Award

3,000 GOLD

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