3 drawing tips to making a original character




tips for this!

so, here are 3 drawing tips to making a original character like you asked!


  • 1️⃣Hobbiesjob

instead of just thinking of their job, think of two hobbies too. for example, (journalist, likes art and animals.) this can help think of a pose! such as a journalist suit, and drawing a cat or smth!



think of their past to think of current things. for example, (as a baby, she fell and hit her head. As a child, she liked dinosaurs. as a teen, she was emo.) try adding 1 or 2 things that relate to her past!



not everybody is perfect, so your character must have imperfections too. as you saw in the past tab, it says how she bonked her head as a baby. So this means, she is going to have a mark on her forehead. Next, she like dinosaurs as a child. So you can give her dinosaur earrings! and last, if she was emo as a teen, she would have dark bags, a moody additude, or messy hair.


🍄‍🟫🍄‍🟫Thx for let alone viewing this!🌱🌱🌱keep sketching!🍄🍄🍄goodbye!





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