Two Ways to Import Reference Images





Hi everyone! I’m NevermoreLJ and today I want to share with you a few different ways to import reference images to help you with your art.


A lot of times when I’m drawing, I want a photo or image to use as a reference so I can make the artwork look as good or as realistic as possible. In this Tips article, I’m going to show you two different ways you can do that.

Here I have a very rough sketch of a dragon, and I want to add a lot more details, so I’m going to import a reference image to help me. Here are two methods of doing so:

Method #1

This method makes it so you can see a reference right there on the canvas. First, I choose a good image from the web and save the image to my files. Then, I go into clip studio paint and go to File > Import > image. Next, I choose the image I want to use for reference and open it. It should then appear on your canvas.

Once the image is on the page, you can then move it around and make it a size that you want.

you can also lower the opacity of the layer the image is on.

And voila! You have a reference picture.

Method #2

The problem with the first method shown above is that the canvas can become quite crowded, especially if you have multiple images. In this method, you can seperate the references and the canvas so you have as much room as possible to do your art. What you do is go to Window > Sub View

Your sub view is now ready to use! Feel free to move and resize it to whatever works for you. To import your images onto it, click on the small file icon and choose which image you want it to show. If you import multiple references, you can click the tiny arrows to toggle which photo you want to view.


As far as I know, these are the only ways to import images, however I am still an amateur so if you know of any other ways please let me know! I will also do my best to answer any questions you have. I hope this guide will help you in any way. Polite feedback is very much appreciated.


Have a wonderful day everyone!



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