November 2019

Tips of the Month

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Out of the Tips posted between November 1 - December 1, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

This month’s theme was “Cities, Towns, and Buildings”, “Artistic Filter”, and “Animals.” Animals were the most popular theme, with many users posting their tips on how to draw realistic animals and characters alike. “Cities, Towns, and Buildings” TIPS made great use of Clip Studio Paint’s functions to accurately draw the many lines needed for background work. With the artistic filter, many users experimented with the various settings to show the effects it could produce. As stated in the terms and conditions, TIPS that used photos not owned by the writer or official materials were excluded. Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We are looking forward to seeing your entries!

Gold Award

  1. Using the Japanese zodiac signs to show how to draw various animals, Futopia not only gives us a detailed and informative tutorial with plenty of informative and well designed videos, but teaches us about the meaning of the zodiac signs as a bonus!
  2. Starting from a cube, Steele wrote a tutorial that carefully explains how to draw a complex isometric building. Beginning with the basics of the program such as how to prepare a canvas, the tutorial is perfect for first-time challengers of this specific style, as it explains the theory behind isometric drawing along with lighting techniques, drawing tips, and more!

Silver Award

  1. Combining the Artistic filter and color correction layers, Strach shares some tips on how to add a painterly effect to any landscape photo. The tutorial is short and sweet, so try it out on that perfect photo you have on your phone!
  2. A self-procclaimed obsessor of birds, FionaCreates shows how to draw a bold, yet nuanced illustration of a peacock. The painting process using the polyline tool is explained very well, inviting others to try out a new technique and style of painting.
  3. A very well documented and thorough report on the artistic filter, this TIPS shows how each setting of the artistic filter affects the same image. If you've never used the filter before, this is an excellent place to start.
  4. Using excellent explanatory images and illustrations, jessbernadette carefully shares how to draw a corgi, and encourages drawing other breeds as well!
  5. As anyone who has ever tried will tell you, wooden floors are suprisingly complex to paint, with reflective surfaces, textures, and repeating patterns. Taking full advantage of perspective rulers and transformation operations, TIPS writer kawashita shows how to make painting a reflective floor easier, complete with light flares.
  6. Manga assistant Primula shares their knowledge on how to draw urban manga backgrounds in this well written, 6-part TIPS! Utilizing popular manga funtions such as perspective rulers, vector layers, and screen tones, the tutorial shows how to draw background in grayscale, making this series perfect for any online comic artist.
  7. From line art to coloring, this TIPS is packed with tips and tricks on anatomy, shading, and coloring, using a fawn as as an example. Akylha's attention to detail is what makes this tutorial special, and the final results definitely show that it pays off.
  8. ArtFrog teaches the reader how to complete an art study from a photographic source of a dog within 20 minutes. It guides you through choosing the right brushes as well as how to express its fur in grayscale. The frog mascot illustrations are also quite cute.
  9. This tutorial introduces and shows the reader step-by-step how to draw a dimetric bookshop using grids, rulers, and transformation tools. The result is a cute miniature shop with simple lines and coloring.
  10. AshWhiz's tutorial introduces the workflow of turning photographs into anime-styled backgrounds using the Artistic filter. It also covers other functions and techniques, such as using Tonal Correction, Masking, embellishing with brushes, and tips for drawing backgrounds!
  11. Falling under a popular genre, Drawing Anthropomorphic Animals explains how to draw animals with humanized legs and hands. It also goes in-depth about how to express the texture of fur from a rough sketch to highlights.
  12. Using drop-dead gorgeous light and shadow work, Wajiha's tutorial shows how to draw birds, providing the reader with an ample amount of information. It not only teaches techniques for drawing birds such as feather patterns but also focuses on skills that can be applied to other kinds of artwork, such as how to choose colors for lighting and shadows.
  13. This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Artistic filter multiple times to quickly change a photo full of flowers into an illustration. Follow along and try it out with your favorite photos!

Bronze Award

3,000 GOLD

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November's Tips of the Month Themes
  1. Theme 01

    Cities, Towns, and Buildings #CitiesTownsBuildings
    Using 3D models, perspective rulers, and other functions of Clip Studio Paint, share your TIPS on drawing skyscrapers, stations, churches, sheds, historical monuments, or entire cities and towns!
  2. Theme 02

    Artistic Filter #ArtisticFIlter
    The latest Ver 1.9.4 update added the Artistic filter, making it possible to add painterly effects, extract line art from photos, or combine the two. Share your TIPS on the best settings, uses, and tricks of this new function! Images used in the tutorial must be owned by the author. Plagiarised and stock images, images that infringe the rights of depicted subjects, and images that were taken illegaly or unethically cannot be used.
  3. Theme 03

    Animals #AnimalTIPS
    A popular illustration motif, share your TIPS on how to draw fluffy fur, adorable chibi animals, show how to draw realistic animals, or anything else you think is useful!