How to draw realistic cat and loose cat faces


I will explain how to draw a real cat and a deformed cat face like a loose character.

1. Realistic cat face

First, I will explain how to draw the face of a real cat (left side).

Create a new layer and draw a sketch.
First, draw a little horizontally long circle.
Draw two triangles on it. This is the face and ears.
I think it's easier to draw a sketch with a smaller size.

Next, draw the eyes and nose and mouth.
First, draw the capital letter “U”.
Attach the alphabet “O” to the beginning and end of the “U” line.

Add a small triangle to “U” and “O”.
This is the eyes and nose.

The last is a mouth.
Draw three circles under the nose.
Draw a beard to complete the sketch.

Select a small sketch with a lasso, and zoom in with [Enlarge / Reduce / Rotate].

After expansion ↓
(Layer opacity decreased)

Draw a line drawing on the new layer to complete the realistic cat face.

2. Flappy cat face

Next, I will explain how to draw a loose cat.
First draw the outline and ears of the face.
Let's add a step to the contour of the face.

Next, draw the eyes, nose mouth and beard.
If you draw your eyes and mouth small, you will feel like a character and become cute.
I also added a shimmering line to make it look like a character.

Enlarge the sketch → Lower the layer opacity and draw a line drawing on the new layer.

3.Main differences in face

I will explain the main differences in the face.
First is the outline.
Realistic cats are almost round, but loose cats are more horizontal.
The size of the ears is larger for realistic cats and smaller for loose cats.

Next is the position of the beard.
Real cat beard grows from a position near the nose,
The loose cat's beard grows closer to the outer contour of the face.

Next is the eyes and nose mouth.
I think this is the biggest difference.
1 eye
Real cats have sharp, big eyes like almonds,
A loose cat has small vertical eyes.
2 Nostrils
Real cats have many lines, but loose cats are drawn only on the mouth.

Comparison of completed drawings. ↓

This is a profile.
Pay attention to how you draw your eyes.
The front face of a real cat was almond-shaped, while the side face is close to a triangle.
Loose cats are drawn in the same shape on both the front and side.
The best way to draw the outline of a face is to draw a realistic cat slender and a loose cat plumply.

This concludes the lecture on how to draw a face.
Thank you for reading so far!
Next time will be a separate drawing of the body.



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