Create illustrations with transparent watercolor tools


1 Draw a rough

This time, I would like to draw an illustration using the transparent watercolor tool in CLIP STUDIO, aiming for an illustration like drawn with an analog transparent watercolor paint.
The concept is "lemon squash".
At first I draw rough rough with the drawing pencil tool on A6 canvas (width 1447 × height 2039).

Draw a two-line drawing

Draw a line drawing with a sense of graininess with the real pencil tool.
It is OK even if you do not write in detail.

Draw the overall fabric from the crease tab of the subtool with the dashed line tool and
I'm going to get familiar with it.

3 background

Coloring is drawn with the almost transparent watercolor tool.
This time, I want to color consciously with the transparent watercolor paint of analog
While checking and adjusting the watercolor border
Check the paper quality in the subtool details to make the rough texture
Set conscious.

When the line drawing is finished, draw the background first.
First of all, except the person is surrounded by a selection area, and only the background is masked.
(OK with reference to other layers of automatic selection tool)
It is useful to check with the selection tab → quick mask.

Paint a background with a color (green, blue, yellow, etc.) that images lemon squash with a transparent watercolor tool
Draw a slice of lemon.
The white frame is drawn by checking the roundness of the corner of the rectangular shape tool
I tried to.

And let's express bubbles of carbonic acid bubbles with a splash brush that is in the airbrush tool.

4 skin

Roughly paint the base of the skin (painting of the person I want to express the transparent watercolor paint in the analog, so I do not use the range selection tool and the bucket tool)

The brush size is enlarged to the part that will be in the shadow and the part that wants to add redness, and the brush pressure is not applied so much (the cheek, the place of the joints, etc.) and the skin is finished.
If you find it difficult to paint here, use the opacity from the tool properties.
Please try to make it easy for yourself.


Paint the whole pupil based on yellow
Add shadows in light blue.
Then blur the border with the color mixing tool to make it fit naturally.
The light at the bottom of the pupil creates a new layer and clipping at the layer below
It is safe to describe with a screen etc.
I dare to paint with the texture that I painted in an analog white in a normal layer.

The shadow of the white eye is a gray over white in the multiplication layer and casts a shadow on the pupil.
The shadow is also added to the pupil by drawing a shadow over the entire eye in the multiplication layer.

The eye is completed by putting a highlight with a pen tool etc. from above the line drawing and blurring the border to some extent.

6 hair

Paint the base in light yellow so as to leave the part exposed to light.
After that, narrow the brush size with the dark yellow color while being aware of the hair bundle of hair
I will set and draw.
Because if you leave it as it is a crisp impression like an animation fill
We aim for a feeling that blurs and softens the boundaries with the color mixing tool.

7 suits

The base of the overalls will be painted in light yellow with a rough sense of light and dark.
I feel like I can get it on purpose.

Colored to leave a yellowish-yellow base.

The part to be wrinkles will be painted in a darker color towards purple

At the same time, T-shirts are painted in yellow as well

I also intentionally leave the white here, conscious of the light.

Because I want to make the pattern of T-shirt white polka dots on black base
First of all, I cast the shadow of the whole T-shirt first.
After painting the base in yellow, using light gray to dark gray

Once painted, make the whole a multiplication layer.

Fill the bottom of the multiplication layer with darker black.
Then with the color I just painted the shadow of the T-shirt I just painted
The T-shirt was completed naturally.

The polka-dot pattern hides all the layers which painted the whole T-shirt once
Use the automatic selection tool to put the entire T-shirt into a masking state using the T-shirt that has become a line drawing only.
If so, a tab will appear in the selected place, so select a new tone
Draws a small number of lines in a simple tone setting and polka dots.

※ If this is the case, the Eraser tool can not be used, so right click on the layer you just created
Make it possible to draw by selecting rasterization.
Rasterize black tones
Lock transparent pixel → select white while filling in the edit tab
Then you can make it white.

It looks like it has floated
Make it familiar with the kneading rubber tool used in the previous line drawing work.

8 small items

The cup is likewise yellow and base

After drawing the lemon inside, use the toning tool in the dodge (luminescent) layer to express the bubbles of carbonic acid.
In addition, I draw a logo-like thing and also blur with this rubber tool.

※ The logo line is drawn using the curve of the figure tool.

Hair fasteners, straws, wristbands and nails are also colored to complete accessories.

9 processing

Make a gradation with blue accents on the hair.
Duplicate the hair layer → lock transparent pixels → create a yellow to blue gradient with the gradient tool (drawing color to background color).

Then make the layer linear light and lower the opacity to your liking
Processing is complete.

Finally, I want to change the color as a whole, so select Merge Copy of Display Layers from the Layers tab to make the combined layer an overlay.

Use the gradient map from the Edit tab to the Tonal Correction
Make it your favorite gradation. The processing is finished by lowering the opacity to about 20%.

10 finish and completion

As there was a sense of incongruity with the background lemon,
I checked the color of the line drawing to the lock transparent pixel and made it fit with the airbrush tool.
It is completed by directing a refreshing feeling by the feeling like spattering with analog white with a splashing brush for finish.


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