Vehicle Painting : Basic Form, Perspective & Final




Hi! it's Papakiro

I want to share some Tips and Process of my Vehicles Painting : Tiger Tank.

in this Article i will talk about Perspective Ruler, Measuring in Perspective, Basic Form, Effect, Motion Blur


So Let's get Started

Perspective Ruler Preparation

Start by setup some perspective Ruler into a layer :


Click on the ruler icon and select "Perspective ruler tool"

Use the perspective ruller by simply just drag & create two lines.

the meeting point of these 2 line is become a Vanishing Point

You can add more perspective in a single layer.


in here, I will create 3 Perspective, for my XYZ Axis

You can shange the setting of your Perspective layer in here


"Show in all Layer" : it means, whenever you select/edit any layers, the perspective will always show and active

"Show in same Folder" : The perspective will active and shown, whenever you select/edit in a same folder as the perspective layer

"Show Only When Editing Target" : The Perspective ruler will onlu active when you select/edit the perspective layer"


i like to use the "show in same folder for my work"

You can also Deactive The Perspective ruler by Shift + Click this icon, press again to toogle

Remember, the perspective ruller will let you draw straight line along the perspective, so if you want to draw out of the perspective, you can deactive the perspective layer or create a line with click then Shift+click

All setup is done, i can start drawing a box for my composition


Always use a lot of reference, that's really helps you to build a visual in your mind for creating something completely new. it;s make your drawing is more accurate


also do some research on the object, Study the General shapes, Forms, Texture & materials

Perspective Basic : Duplicate Object In Perspective

We can duplicate plane in a perspective

you can also duplicating a plane and some gap, This is for drawing tank wheels

but the simply way to do it just create and duplicate object in the flat view, and use transform tool ( ctrl + T) and adjust it into the perspective

Basic Form

Start creating a simple form of the object.


Here is just a simple 3 box with some marking using the previous method to Find a Mid point and Center line of it and then divide it up.


its make me easier to read the proportion and visualize further detail

Start extended the flat mark into simple form

i like to change my layer into some different colour, so i can get better visual of my drawing

i mark the mid point of turret to make it easier for me to place ellipse in the place

and also for resize it

Break The Shape

Start to break the shape into it's final shape

using the previous method to make this tank wheels

use the mid points and diagonal lines to resize the cylinder

replace the rectangle into elipse

extend lines from the edge of the ellipse

The final shape are completely done

Lining and Detailing

follow the shape, and start doing a detailing part


i separate the Line art, and change the layer mode to Multiply. and lowering the "Structure" oppacity

create extrusion of the track and the wheels part

setup the lighting

Lastly, I've hidden all the "Construction Layer"


here is the final look of my drawing, and i can start painting next

Base Color and Masking

start adding base color and background layer


Here is the brush (by JonSimpson) that i'm using in this painting, i really love the jaggy Concept one, i used it a lot on my Drawing, and also using default CSP brush "Oil Paint flat brush"


you can painting with these 2 ways of masking


1. Lock Transparent Layer : Directly painting on the base color layer

2. Clipping Mask : Create another layer and Folder, then clipping at the base color layer


i prefer using the clipping mask, so ican freely painting on the other layers without worrying the base layer

make it looks lineless by Lowering the Line oppacity at about 10-20%,

but i still can see the details of it

start detailing the part

Particle and Effects

start rough painting the background and adding the Motion blur effect

change layer mode to "Glow Dodge" for the Fire&Particle, also add some motion blur too

change the Line Art to Normal mode, and i try painting in the Lineart Layer to maintain the Hard&soft on the Edges. also it make looks more artistic

same as previous, I add motion blur to make rain effects

another rain effect, but different direction of motion blur


That's it, here is the Final result


Thank You very much for the reading, i hope it helps and have fun while drawing!!




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