Rhythm control and creative panel transitions for webtoons!




The tutorial's video

Outline & Timestamps

Hey everyone! Welcome to this tutorial! The full video is attached, but here is an outline of its structure and the corresponding time stamps. This is in case you’re only looking for a specific notion I address there :)

I/ Regular comics vs. vertical format comparison: 1:12

In this first part, I quickly raise the pros and cons of the webtoon format through the notions of flow, transitions and rhythm.

II/ Rhythm control: 4:16

Here I will give useful tips on how to use some of Clip Studio Paint’s best functionalities to achieve rhythm control in your webtoon!

III/ Creative transitions: 8:24

I will conclude with different types of transitions and on how to come up with creatives ones, both for visual and storytelling purposes.

Little note on a small bug at 11:40

PS: So sorry, at 11:40 there is a 20 sec montage glitch and some visuals don’t appear… This happened when I edited the video to make sure it only contains my work for the tip to be eligible to the Tips of the Month contest. There is a link in the description with another version of the video where this small bug doesn’t appear :)

Enjoy! :)



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