Drawing clothes/work uniforms


Hello I’m Yumi,
This tutorial/tip is probably not going to be a typical tutorial that you are used to. Its going to be more of a compilation of tips. I hope it´s helpful.

This tutorial is going to be about work uniforms.

I’m sorry for the quality of the pictures but for some reason it got a bit pixelated and the details are less legible.

1.Well of course first start with a sketch. When drawing clothes (or anything) try finding good references I recommend looking through pinterest that’s where I find most of my references. For this drawing I used a reference but if you don’t want to draw it exactly from a reference like I did then I still recommend references but you can follow them just loosely.

2.Put in some basic colors not one of the darkest but not one of the lightest colors that you are going to use.

3.Well this is when it gets messier. I usually don’t exactly put in the shadow all at once. I usually start putting in different colors/tones. I try out color combinations a lot when I’m not using a reference but when you have a reference its easier. If you want the exact colors from the reference, then open the reference in clip studio paint and use the eyedropper the get the exact colors. I highly recommend opening your reference in clip studio paint (if you are using a reference, you don’t have to of course) because it is easier to work with it then.

4.Then I start adding the darkest shadows usually.

5.I often focus on one place for some time for details and other stuff. But I don’t recommend doing it for a long time because sometimes I end up working on one part for way to long and I forget about the rest. Also when drawing clothes you shouldn’t blend colors/lines/shadows to much because in clothes especially smart clothes like uniform there’s a lot of sharp creasing and that’s why shadows have to be sharp too.

If you are not using a direct reference the I have some additional tips (I guess).
When drawing fabric think about how it folds, how it flows and how it falls on the persons body. That will help you. I highly recommend for practice get some clothes and put it on a hanger or just put in a table, wrinkle it up and then practice drawing it.

6.And lastly just put lighter shadows and darker shadows and light of course on to the drawing. I just add shadows and tones onto each other so I didn’t take many screenshots because it would probably take forever and I don’t want to bore you.
And finally have fun. I hope I gave you some helpful tips.


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